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Why Top Makeup Artists Are Excited About AURA (… And Why You Should Be Too !)

It’s not hard to find makeup brushes. But try finding an entire SET of professional brushes! Often we have to settle for a generic kit with duplicates and “filler” items. Or, we have to search everywhere to cobble up a range of professional brushes that can create ALL the looks we want. It’s less than what a beauty-babe deserves. So, that’s why the Co-Founder of GLOWNIQUE, Italian Certified Makeup Artist, Esthetician, and Beauty Influencer, Angelica Lentoni, curated a dream team of makeup and skincare brushes that has beauty lovers excited! 

Beauty Babes, Meet AURA

27 Make Up Brushes

Cut, drape, contour, highlight and blend at your command for flawless color. No-shed, no-streak bristles let you create an airbrushed GLOW with no filter.

3 Skincare Brushes

Never seen before in makeup brush sets, but oh-so essential for priming our canvas. Technically, it’s 4 brushes because one is double-sided!

3 Beauty Tools

Cleanse, blend and keep your hair out of the way with these beauty essentials. Only found in AURA or sold separately for considerably more.

Carefully Labelled Brushes

It’s the little things that count. Like labeling each brush carefully on the ferrule, along with a little guide showing you what each brush is best for. And, unlike some brush sets that smell funky, we took care of that too – yours will arrive 100% odorless.

4 Reasons Why Loving AURA is Easy

Soft Expert Brushes

Our bristle technology means no shedding and no streaks! Just flawless coverage of powder, liquid and cream. From precision lines to smooth blending, each bristle picks up color and deposits it neatly – saving you on product too.

Unique Brushes!

AURA is packed with tools that are often found individually, or in the kits of top makeup artists – like our M2, M4, M5, M6, M7, M13, and M15 brushes. And the M8 is an expensive superstar, never before seen as part of a set! Some brush sets pretend that all faces are the same but only AURA respects you’re UNIQUE.

Skincare Brushes!

If you’re going to use a professional set of brushes for makeup, why wouldn’t you match that with the same quality of skincare brush to prep your skin? Other brush sets focus only on makeup and leave you to find top quality skincare brushes elsewhere. But we included them for you, because perfect makeup begins with perfect skin.

Brush Case and Pouch

Our stylish faux leather case and pouch keep your brushes and tools clean and tidy. Because professional tools do NOT belong at the bottom of any old bag or stuck in a dirty jar.

Here's What Else You Will Love About AURA

Comfortable to Hold

Notice the shape and top-weight of the handle. It’s lightweight but with the right heft and hand feel to stop your brush flailing around to places it shouldn’t go. Handles are made from electroplated aluminum which is light, rust-proof, and looks luxurious and elegant like YOU.

No Dupes or Fillers

While we DO have 5 eyeshadow brushes, none of them are the same. We also have 3 custom-designed powder, 2 contour, 2 foundation, 2 concealer, 2 eyeliner, and 2 fan brushes. Each brush is nuanced to accommodate your look and your facial contours. While others have just blenders we include fluffy, angled, flawless, and precision blenders!

Professional Tutorials!

Sure, you could spend hours on social media (don’t worry, we do too), but how many influencers show you EVERY. SINGLE. BRUSH? That’s right, they don’t! With AURA, we take you to the next level of makeup application with FREE e-book and over 6 hours of in-depth video tutorials by Angelica herself about makeup, skincare, and how to use every brush to bring out your best look. 

Brush Set That is Above Others!

I am going to get rid of all my old brushes. Why do I need them? Because in the GLOWNIQUE AURA Set I have everything I need or could ask for. I am tossing out all my old brushes. This set I can tell was made by a Certified Makeup Artist. These are made of high quality, lots of variety, and care. This is nice that she made this set for herself, the customer, and of course me.


I'm totally blown away by how impressive this set of makeup and skincare brushes is. From the box itself, to the opening of the box, to the opening of the outer cosmetic pouch, to the opening of the makeup case itself, it just keeps getting better and better. This is a truly elegant set, very professional in both design and content.


This GLOWNIQUE AURA - 30 Rose Gold Pink Premium Makeup and Skincare Labeled Vegan Brush set is worth every penny!!! This set is amazing. No detail is left out. This would make a great gift. However, if you buy this, you won't want to give it away. This will last a lifetime!!!


All I need is a crown now, I feel like a Queen! So beautiful. So giftable. So SOFT. So MINE. BONUS rose gold handles! My husband says hey what's the big box with the ribbons did you get new (brushes) nooooo I did not I got the best cosmetic brushes on the market! So extremely happy best purchase EVER.

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