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Meet Glownique

Discover premium makeup, beauty and skincare tools for women who want to unleash their inner passion and fuel their LOVE.

Inspired by the needs of the modern, busy, active, and hard-to-please woman, GLOWNIQUE is here to infuse your imagination, dreams, and enthusiasm into a one-stop beauty platform for women who do not like to settle.

Immerse yourself in a refreshingly vibrant world of beauty tips, tutorials, attention-grabbing blog posts, and become a member of a buzzing community of lovers.

Women who want to live freely. Women who want to look gorgeous. Women who want to feel confident and free.




I am going to get rid of all my old brushes. Why do I need them? Because in the GLOWNIQUE AURA set I have everything I need or could ask for. I am tossing out all my old brushes. This set I can tell was made by a Certified Makeup Artist. These are made of high quality, lots of variety, and care. This is nice that she made this set for herself, the customer, and of course me.

Wow--just wow! I don't even wear makeup, and I'm totally blown away by how impressive this set of makeup and skincare brushes is. From the box itself, to the opening of the box, to the opening of the outer cosmetic pouch, to the opening of the makeup case itself, it just keeps getting better and better. This is a truly elegant set, very professional in both design and content.

I was completely unprepared for how large this GLOWNIQUE AURA makeup set was - it's gigantic! Nearly twice the size of a shoebox and quite heavy, this would be an ideal gift for the beauty enthusiast in your life. There are so many brushes in this kit, it'll take years and years for even the most made-up lady to go through. This gift will last.

Artistry of Beauty

From prepping to priming, glamming up or packing down – you’ll be pleased to know that all of our products are personally curated and designed by Italian Certified Makeup Artist, Beauty Influencer and Mom, Angelica.

Unconditional Relationships

GLOWNIQUE is a beauty and skincare company with real, caring humans at the other end. So when you need us for professional advice, beauty tips or transparent customer service you know you’ll always be seen and heard.

Products with a Purpose

Some beauty and skincare products are a little “fad-driven” you could say. They look cute, but without purpose in our ongoing relationship with glowing, blemish-free, plump skin. We only sell what makes your life better.

Committed to Quality

All of our beauty and skincare products are safety and quality tested. We also provide a meaningful return or replacement policy that guarantees you always find your perfect match.