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Meet Angelica

Hello, beauties! My name is Angelica from Milan, Italy. A devoted wife and mom to beautiful Jadeangel. I am also a Certified Makeup Artist from the internationally renowned C|MU College of Makeup Art & Design in Toronto, Canada and one half of GLOWNIQUE! The other half is Jaden. And while he might be the behind the scenes guy, he’s also my rock, my life, and true love. But my other true love is Skincare & Beauty. I’ve spent the last 3 years as a Beauty Influencer teaching women around the world how to enjoy and embrace their unique beauty through makeup tutorials, skin care tips, glow up lifestyles and product reviews. And I’m passionate about showing ALL women how to look their very best, even on those days that the kids are testing our last nerves, or during those moments when we don’t feel “all that”. And listen, it may sound weird, but every day I wake up and actually celebrate my skin - even if it’s having a breakout! It’s my mission to empower women like you, to feel the same. You and I, we are the lovers, caregivers and cheerleaders of the world. And when we take the time to love our skin properly, that love can radiate even further.


Xo – Angelica