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Classic Blender | GLOWNIQUE

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Classic Blender | GLOWNIQUE
Classic Blender | GLOWNIQUE

Classic Blender | GLOWNIQUE
Classic Blender | GLOWNIQUE
Classic Blender | GLOWNIQUE
  • 💄【100% Vegan】The majority of GLOWNIQUE's cosmetics and skincare products are vegan with the exception of lip pencil, automatic eyebrow pencil and eyebrow palette which use beeswax.

    💄【100% Cruelty Free】All of GLOWNIQUE's cosmetics and skincare products are cruelty free as well as gluten and sulphate free.

    💄【100% Safe】All of GLOWNIQUE's cosmetics and skincare products are FDA approved and meet Health Canada requirements. Furthermore, they all follow EU and UK compliance regulations for your peace of mind.

    💄【100% Certified】All of GLOWNIQUE's cosmetics and skincare products are personally curated and designed by Co-Founder and Certified Makeup Artist, Angelica Lentoni to bring out the best GLOW in you. And with the same quality, variety and care, she made this complete collection to make herself, her customers, and of course – you GLOW! Your beauty is UNIQUE, now let’s make it GLOWNIQUE!

  • Introducing GLOWNIQUE Classic Blender – your must-have beauty tool for achieving flawless, airbrushed makeup looks effortlessly. In the world of makeup, where every detail counts, this versatile blender is designed to help you blend, buff, and blend again until you achieve makeup perfection.

    Elevate Your Makeup Game with the LOWNIQUE Classic Blender
    Makeup is more than just products; it's a form of self-expression, a work of art, and a means to enhance your natural beauty. GLOWNIQUE Classic Blender is here to elevate your makeup game and empower you to create stunning looks that reflect your individual style.

    Seamless Blending
    The hallmark of GLOWNIQUE Classic Blender is its exceptional blending capabilities. Whether you're working with foundation, concealer, blush, or contour, this sponge flawlessly blends makeup into your skin for a seamless finish. Say goodbye to harsh lines and uneven coverage.

    Ergonomic Design
    GLOWNIQUE Classic Blender features an ergonomic design that fits comfortably in your hand, allowing for precise control during application. Its versatile shape is designed for multiple makeup application techniques, making it your go-to tool for various makeup steps.

    Premium Material
    Crafted from premium, latex-free material, GLOWNIQUE Classic Blender is gentle on your skin and won't cause irritation or allergies. It's suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

    Multi-Purpose Beauty Tool
    GLOWNIQUE Classic Blender isn't limited to just foundation and concealer. Use it for:
    💄 Applying and blending liquid or cream blush for a natural flush of color.
    💄 Contouring and highlighting to sculpt and define your facial features.
    💄 Setting your makeup with loose or pressed powder.
    💄 Creating ombre lip looks by blending lip colors seamlessly.
    💄 Cruelty-Free Beauty

    At GLOWNIQUE, we're committed to responsible and ethical beauty. GLOWNIQUE Classic Blender is cruelty-free and has not been tested on animals. It's a testament to our dedication to providing guilt-free cosmetics.

    Join the GLOWNIQUE Beauty Movement
    GLOWNIQUE is more than just cosmetics; it's a community that celebrates self-expression, creativity, and the transformative power of beauty. GLOWNIQUE Classic Blender invites you to be a part of this empowering movement and embrace the artistry of makeup.

    Don't miss the opportunity to own GLOWNIQUE Classic Blender. Elevate your makeup game, blend and buff your way to perfection, and express your unique beauty with confidence. BECAUSE YOU ARE DIFFERENT.


    Watch Angelica's video tutorial on this product HERE.



    💄 Latex-free, eco-friendly foam
    💄 Double angled sides for more versatility
    💄 Cleans easily, dries easily



    💄 Wet Classic Blender with water
    💄 Squeeze out excess liquid
    💄 Tap foundation, BB cream, powder, or any other product across your face for a beautiful blend
    💄 Cleanse with your favorite liquid soap and warm water
    💄 Replace every 4-6 months upon signs of wear



    Latex-free Foam

  • 💄 GLOWNIQUE is pleased to offer EXPRESS courier shipping to all our customers. We offer expedited shipping using FedEx, UPS, DHL or another courier with comparable quality with tracking information.

    💄 Please be advised that all our GLOWNIQUE cosmetics and skincare products ship from our warehouse in British Columbia, Canada.

    💄 The average processing time is 5 - 9 business days once you place an order and the average delivery time will be as follows:


    North America: 3 - 5 Business Days

    International: 5 - 15 Business Days

    Australia and New Zealand: 5 - 20 Business Days 


    💄 Due to various import restrictions, our products are currently unavailable in the following countries: Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine and United Arab Emirates

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  • 💄 To ensure your ultimate satisfaction, we are pleased to offer a 14-days return policy no questions asked.
    💄 To be eligible for a return, our product(s) must be undamaged, unused, and in the same condition in which it arrived.

    💄 Please note that you must be responsible for the return shipping cost.
    💄 You can find additional information about our Return Policy HERE.

  • Do you have any questions about this product, shipping/returns or placing an order? Click HERE and we will be happy to assist you.

100% Vegan

For dynamic femmes that wish to spice up their beauty rituals with a vegan option, GLOWNIQUE is the answer!

Brighten your radiant skin and conceal any unwanted imperfections with our 100% vegan products that are made to GLOW your UNIQUE look. GLOWNIQUE’s makeup and skincare line boast vegan formulas that respect nature while giving that extra GLOW to your face. 

The only products that don’t have a spot on the vegan list are our lip pencils, automatic eyebrow pencils, and eyebrow palettes, as they contain beeswax. 

100% Cruelty Free

Want to rock iconic looks without causing any damage to animals and nature? 

You are not alone!

GLOWNIQUE is all about authentic beauty, premium skin pampering, and irresistible radiance. There’s no place for harsh chemicals or animal harm in our products. Made to help you highlight your most beautiful features on any occasion, every makeup and skincare product carrying the GLOWNIQUE signature is 100% cruelty-free, gluten, and sulfate-free to offer a sustainable and conscious addition to your makeup and skincare routine. 

100% Safe

Unleash your inner GLOW with zero worries or second thoughts!

Your makeup kit deserves to be full of exceptional quality products that meet your beauty standards and are safe to use. In other words, it deserves to be full of GLOWNIQUE

All our makeup and skincare products are FDA-approved and compliant with Health Canada requirements. Plus, they meet all EU and UK regulations to give you peace of mind while you pamper your complexion and create jaw-dropping looks. 

100% Quality

We are here for every woman wishing to radiate her GLOW and live with confidence every minute of the day.

All our signature makeup and skincare products are proudly made in Canada and the USA to help you enhance this GLOW and embrace your UNIQUEness. We have joined forces with some of the best and most reputable manufacturers in the beauty industry to ensure that you get your hands on top-notch goods.

So when you add GLOWNIQUE to your beauty collection, you know you have invested in an exceptional brand that will make you look as stunning as you truly are.

100% Certified

When your authentic GLOW radiates your UNIQUE beauty, the combination is GLOWNIQUE.

Personally curated and designed by our Co-Founder and Certified Makeup Artist, Angelica Lentoni, our product line comes to redefine your beauty rituals with its unmatched quality. Angelica has poured her expertise and knowledge into sourcing and creating products that serve your needs and exceed your expectations. Because when it comes to your skin, quality is not a bonus; it’s a priority!

Level up your beauty game and treat yourself to a premium collection of certified goods that make you look and feel gorgeous.